Kids Kitchen, LLC

A joint venture between The Food Depot and Growing Up New Mexico. 

The Food Depot

1222 A Siler Road

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

(505) 471-1633, X110

United Way of Santa Fe County

440 Cerrillos Road, Suite A

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

(505) 216-2976

Katherine Freeman, General Manager

President & CEO, United Way of Santa Fe County


Sherry F. Hooper, General Manager

Executive Director, The Food Depot


Stacy Quinn, Manager

Board Member, United Way of Santa Fe County


Len Rand, Manager

Board Member, The Food Depot


Russell Johnson

Executive Chef


Joel Villega


Tori Mendes

Business and Admin Assistant

"It's good food. I love it!" —Isaac

"I like the chef who cooks for us," —Carmella

Students from the United Way Early Learning Center at Kaune